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Owner, lead coordinator & designer.

You know her. She's the go-to friend you call for an answer you could've easily googled yourself. She can craft up your wildest dreams just off a screenshot from Pinterest. She's the bridesmaid with a clipboard. She's the one taking care of everyone in the bar bathroom. She is MOTHER. She is me. I am her.

I'm an Enneagram 2 with an even 1-3 wing, this loosely translates to

"I'm a perfectionist that feels most successful by helping others."

Quality time is my love language - I thrive on creating meaningful connections and experiences.

Nomad Nixon was created to embrace life

and help you celebrate your love story.

We live for weddings held in non traditional settings

and specialize in coordination

& design for couples wanting to break the mold.

Hello, I'm Kendra

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